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Hai un genitore

Ci sono momenti in cui non riusciamo a dedicare ai nostri ‘diversamente giovani’ il tempo che desideriamo e che si meritano.
Ogni famiglia, soprattutto in una grande città, è piena di impegni, faccende piccole o grandi che sottraggono tempo, e le distanze e il traffico non facilitano i contatti.


Sometimes a little company is  enough
to rediscover passions, interests or simple daily pleasures.

We at UAF are working to build a network that connects older and younger people to create bonds and bridges that help to live better and in serenity.

The selection of our nephews is very accurate, to ensure seriousness and serenity. None of our nephews has a medical or nursing background but they all want to be useful providing an interesting and enriching service, which allows them to socially support seniors.

Obviously every nephew is vaccinated and has a GreenPass.

For any doubt, after reading the pages of this site,

do not hesitate to call us to get to know us.

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